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  • Crunchy munchy

    Spice mixture for spice cakes, cookies and gingerbread. Also refines sauces or pot roast.

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  • Gift Set Merry Christmas

    2 christmas organic fine checker tin (Hot Apple Cider, Oh du Föhnliche) in a practical snack box.

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  • Ginger & Bread

    Spice mixture for spicy ginger biscuits according to Scandinavian tradition. Goes well with tea, not only during the Christmas season.

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  • Hot Apple Cider

    Spice mixture for a hot drink made from apple juice – a deliciously aromatic alternative to mulled wine, with rum or alcohol-free.

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  • All I want for Christmas

    Spice mixture for mulled wine, punch or tea. Please stir the mixture well before use.

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