Cultivation of medicinal herbs in Chile


Clean air and glacier water

Herbaria obtains many high-quality raw materials from its own organic cultivation in Chile, a farm in a volcanic region owned by the owner Otto Greither. More than 20 different plants are cultivated on 50 hectares of land in southern Chile near Villarica. Adjacent is a nature park with (primeval) forests and wetlands.

Eco-Paradise Chile

There are no agricultural producers in the vicinity of the cultivation areas who use chemical sprays, no industrial areas and no nuclear power plants. The industrial centre of Santiago is more than 700 km away, so the risk of pesticide contamination is very low. Therefore, pesticide residues have never been found in the extensive investigations.

The air is free of pollutants, the soils have never been chemically treated, the crystal clear water comes from a glacier within sight. The mild climate and high rainfall provide good conditions for the cultivation and seed production of medicinal plants rich in active substances. The pronounced temperature differences between day and night favour the growth of plants rich in active substances – especially those with essential oils (lavender, rosemary, peppermint). Of course, genetic engineering is not an issue.

Herbaria – Employer for locals

More than 60 jobs, from the position of administrator to production management and laboratory staff, were created on the farms for local people. In addition to the use of modern machinery, much manual work is required, as is usual in organic farming. The most modern, partly solar-powered systems are available for herb drying.

The organic model farm

All products produced comply with EU regulations and may be labelled as organic. The import into Germany takes place in sealed, company-owned large containers. The plant is also regarded by the responsible Chilean authorities as an exemplary model plant.