Sugar & salt in our Organic Gourmet seasonings

Convenience is a central consideration regarding our gourmet products. We want to offer our customers a natural product that turns any meal into an exciting culinary experience exclusively due to the ingredients’ own flavours. Salt and sugar serve as “natural” flavour enhancers and bring out the flavours of the individual seasoning herbs.    

To bring out the full, original, natural taste of the individual ingredients and to address all the taste receptors we use, for example, raw cane sugar in our salad/risotto seasoning “Truffle Joy” as a sweet contrast to the vinegar in a salad, or to the white wine in a risotto.  

In our seasonings for meat, sugar has a further positive effect, as the meat stays beautifully juicy thanks to the preserving property of the sugar.  

To us, salt is quite simply an indispensable ingredient of a complete seasoning mix, as it serves to open the pores in the meat so that it can absorb the flavour of the seasonings better.