Espresso “Sophia”

Roasted by Dinzler

Sophia is a voluminous, dark type of coffee with strong roast aromas, a full, soft body and an elegant crema – simply stunning.

Available as
05000529 Bag of ground coffee, 250g each.
05000528 Bag of whole beans, 250g each.
05000541 Bag of whole beans, 1kg each.
Coffee, espresso type, slowly roasted. From controlled organic cultivation.

Recommended preparation
The soft taste unfolds best when enjoyed as espresso or cappuccino, prepared with a fully automatic machine or in a Bialetti.

Composition of noble Arabica beans from Nicaragua and strong Robusta beans from India. Organically grown and fairly paid. Roasted by Dinzler with the greatest care to achieve an unbelievably full-bodied and aromatic dark espresso.

Sophia's taste comprises nuances of almond and dark berries as well as intense roast aromas and a fine note of caramel. A voluminous espresso with an elegant crema and a long-lasting, soft aftertaste.

Ecological control body

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