Espresso “Maria”

Roasted by Dinzler

Maria is a both balanced and strong type of coffee. With notes of brown sugar, little acidity and dense crema. A true Italian has come to Bavaria, finely roasted by Dinzler.

Available as
05000517 Bag of ground coffee, 250g each.
05000518 Bag of whole beans, 250g each.
05000519 Bag of whole beans, 1kg each.

Coffee, espresso type, slowly roasted. From controlled organic cultivation.

Up in the highlands of Chiapas, the small farmers of Unión La Selva grow our hand-picked Arabica beans organically under shade-giving trees. In order to achieve the typically Italian dark note and a dense crema, we also add particularly full-bodied Indian Robusta beans. And the result is known as "Maria" - an absolute classic among espressos. Her fine aroma is reminiscent of caramelised nuts such as macadamia and almond.

The exclusive use of organic cultivation methods also benefits the preservation of the soil and water. Organic coffee production protects nature as well as the producers and their families.

We pay the peasant farmers fair prices and have their outstanding coffee beans roasted slowly, freshly and masterfully by Dinzler, a specialised Bavaria-based roastery.

Roasting: Dinzler processes our coffee beans by means of the so-called long-term drum roasting procedure. In the roasting drum, hot air whirls around the beans at temperatures of 180-190°C degrees, which gives them their uniform colour and unique aroma.

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