After the Chernobyl reactor disaster in 1986, it was difficult to procure sufficient quantities of unpolluted raw materials. Company owner Otto Greither discovered enormous biodiversity, intact nature and a good climate for herb cultivation in Chile. This is why the Indee came to settle in the distant Andean state. Two companies were established, Salus Chile and Salus Floradix.

Otto Greither attaches great importance to a wide variety on the farm. Salus Chile accommodates around 120 different annual and perennial perennials and shrubs on a 2.5-hectare experimental and cultivation garden. Salus’ own breeding and seed propagation make it independent of the seed suppliers.

Eco-Paradise Chile: In the vicinity of the cultivation areas there are no agricultural producers using chemical sprays, no industrial areas and no nuclear power plants. The air is free of pollutants, the soil has never been chemically treated, the crystal clear water comes from a glacier within sight. The Mediterranean climate and high rainfall provide good conditions for the cultivation and seed production of medicinal plants rich in active substances. Of course, genetic engineering is not an issue.

Over 60 jobs – from the position of administrator to production management and laboratory staff – were created on the farms for local people. In addition to the permanent staff, there are another 100 seasonal workers during harvest and sowing times. In addition to the predominant manual work, horses and modern agricultural machinery are also used. The most modern, partly solar-powered systems are available for herb drying.

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