The royal baker – Bioland

For bread, pizza and dumpling dough
Organic food homemade

Spice mixture for aromatic rye, wheat or mixed breads. For special pizza, tarte flambée and other spicy doughs. Ideal for flavouring bread dumplings or bread fillings, e.g. for goose and duck.

In Bioland quality!

Bioland - what is it?
Bioland is Germany's leading organic farming association with the highest number of members. Based on a circular growing system, Bioland farms operate without synthetic pesticides and chemical-synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. Bioland guarantees the quality and purity of our raw materials and spices by constant checks of all farmers involved (cultivation, processing). On the basis of our Bioland certification, we at Herbaria voluntarily subject ourselves to stricter regulations and thus assume responsibility!

Available as
05004698 Stackable aroma protection tin, 55g each (medium tin).

Caraway, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cumin, cardamom. From controlled organic cultivation.

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