Lunchbox with 3 mini portions of snack salt

Organic Gourmet Sample and Gift Sets

3 mini portions of organic gourmet snack salt (farmer's snack salt, herb snack salt, Mediterranean snack salt) in a practical snack box.

Available as
05009113 Lunchbox with three mini glass mills.

Farmer's snack salt:
Luisenhall pan salt (82%), onions*, black pepper*, paprika flakes*, nutmeg*, coriander*, garlic*, parsley*, juniper*, chilli*. *From controlled organic cultivation.
Herb snack salt: Luisenhall pan salt (83%), basil*, oregano*, parsley*, winter hedge onion*, rosemary*, leek*, red onions*, thyme*. *From controlled organic cultivation.
Mediterranean snack salt: Luisenhall pan salt (83%), black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, oregano*, thyme*, rosemary*, basil*, garlic*, olive leaves* *From controlled organic cultivation.

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