Bittrio is a digestible herbal elixir, carefully composed from herb-spicy plants such as artichoke, ginger, fennel or turmeric and really bitter tasting like dandelion or the root of the yellow gentian. Whether pure, fruity mixed or classic on ice with a slice of lemon – Bittrio promotes the joy of a good meal and is a round conclusion afterwards.

Available as
05005107 Bottle à 250ml

Aqueous plant extract* (75%) (with extracts of artichoke leaves (40%)*, dandelion leaves (13.3%)*, gentian root (10.7%)*, turmeric root (6.7%)*, yarrow herb*, Ginger root (5.3%)*, bitter fennel fruits (4%)*, camomile flowers*, bitter orange peels*, Benediktenkraut*, bitter clover leaves*, cardamom fruits*), agave syrup*, water. *From kbA.

Special features
No preservatives, no flavourings. Alcohol-free, gluten-free, vegan. Bittrio is ideal for diluting with mineral water or mixing with fruit juices. Gourmet tip no. 1: Arrange 20 ml Bittrio with a little ice and a slice of lemon. Classically fresh! Gourmet tip no. 2: Fill 20 ml Bittrio with a little ice and approx. 150 ml orange or apple juice. Garnish with a slice of orange – a refreshingly fruity experience!

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