Anise fennel caraway tea

Herbaria herbal tea blend loose

Anise fennel caraway tea is a mild, balanced herbal tea blend for the whole family. Particularly suitable as a sugar-free tea drink for children.

Available as
05000884 Package of 200g

Aniseed fruits (40 %), fennel fruits (40 %), caraway fruits (20 %). From controlled organic cultivation.

Recommended preparation
1-2 teaspoons herb mixture per cup with bubbling boiling water over-brew and covered approx. 10 minutes leave to draw, then strain. You can enjoy the tea warm or cold and sweeten it with honey according to your taste.
The ingredients can unfold even better and the infusion becomes more productive if you crush the mixture shortly before use. We recommend drinking a cup of freshly prepared tea before and after each meal.

Ecological control centre

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