Our marjoram comes from the traditional herb cultivation village Schwebheim in Lower Franconia with its light sandy soils, thanks to the winegrowing climate and light sandy locations particularly aromatic.

The cultivation of marjoram is an art that our grower Christian Hennings has mastered particularly well. The marjoram must be sown fresh every year and is particularly sensitive. If necessary, the fields can be irrigated, and they are maintained by machine and by hand. In spite of intensive care, Mr. Hennings cannot avoid a crop failure in some years, as happened in the very difficult 2013 crop year.

The marjoram is harvested in the morning and immediately dried in the drying plant on the farm. The marjoram lies on a grid and is dried from the bottom with warm air. Depending on the quantity of the crop and the weather, the drying takes 1 to 2 days and the crop is turned regularly.

You will find marjoram in the following products