100 years Herbaria – the herb paradise

From Friday, 13 September to Sunday, 15 September 2019 a very special anniversary will be celebrated with many attractions: 100 years of company history Herbaria and 200 years of “tourism” Leitzachtal.

So there is plenty of reason to celebrate. And so the community and Herbaria are preparing a festive weekend together, which is very special and because it is better to celebrate together, the community party was brought forward a little bit. The Herbaria birthday is also the occasion for the community under the Wendelstein to celebrate: the 200th anniversary of “tourism” in the Leitzach Valley.

Friday, 13.9.2019 in the Wolfseehalle will be the joint kick-off with the band “SOS”, the “Star of the Bavarian Cabaret Sky” Stefan Kröll and the “Exceptional Swabian” Micha Marx.

The evening will be moderated by Andrea Hailer and Andreas Estner.

The “Day of the Markets” on Saturday, 14.9.2019 will be a varied programme around the company headquarters of Herbaria in Hammer and around the Wolfseehalle. In and around the Wolfseehalle there will be a craftsmen’s and farmers’ market with many historical demonstrations, in planning: old-timer meetings, historic steam train, as guests – shuttle, historical exhibition and much more. The lively setting is also reflected in Hammer: At noon the Herbaria area starts with artists and film animal screenings. Apropos animals: Especially the bees and insects are very important to the Herbaria herb paradise: Johanna Bittenbinder, “Dscharlie” Braun and Stefan Murr let it crawl and present their famous insect fairy tale, before in the evening musician and actor Stephan Zinner will climb the Herbaria Open Air stage live in Concert.

The concert will end on Sunday, 15.9.2019 on the Wolfseehallen site with a festive service, brass music, traditional costume youngsters and horse-drawn carriages.

The physical well-being is naturally taken care of on all three days. Together Fischbachau is wrapped in the scent of diverse culinary delights and colourful flavours from the region and all over the world.


Overview 13.9. – 15.9.2019

13.9., kick-off Wolfseehalle with Micha Marx, Stefan Kröll, “S.O.S”, 18:30 Uhr – 23 Uhr

Micha Marx

„The King of Kritzelei“ Micha Marx präsentiert dem Publikum eine Show, die seinesgleichen sucht: zwischen Lichtbildvortrag, Glitzerbart und kongenialem Witz kombiniert der Ausnahmeschwabe Visuelles, Quatsch und seine weltweit einzigartige Kritzelcomedy zu einem Feierwerk köstlicher Geschichten.


Stefan Kröll

The cabaret artist Stefan Kröll is regarded as one of the stars of the Bavarian cabaret sky, which has risen almost overnight from the local cabaret scene over the stages of the state capital. With his razor-sharp view of Bavaria and the world, he lets us see many things with different eyes.



For more than 15 years, the six Bavarian professional musicians from the district of Miesbach have been providing the audience with popular party classics as well as numerous up-to-the-minute songs to keep them in a good mood – dancing is the order of the day!



14.9., “Day of the markets”, Wolfseehalle (from 10 o’clock) & Herbaria area (from 12 o’clock)

Wolfseehalle, 10 a.m.

The craftsmen’s and farmers’ market, with many historical demonstrations and exhibitions, is peppered with regional delicacies and marked by down-to-earthness and the love of home.

The lively setting is also reflected in Hammer: the Herbaria area starts at 12 noon!

Artists & Clowns

Andreas Schantz, Theater Octopus and member of the worldwide clowns without borders and Emeran Heringer, both trained, award-winning artists and clowns, enchant visitors with high stilts and clown acting at the highest level.



Movie animal stars

Film animal trainer Eve Schwender looks back on more than 15 years of experience in the “film and show business” and you can tell that: who doesn’t know him, dachshund “Bodo” from Hausmeister Krause, film dog Laila from “Dahoam is Dahoam”, or the film chicken “Lotte” from Storm of Love, just to name a few.

Eve Schwender and an exquisite selection of her film dog stars show live and without double bottom what they can do on this day, let the visitors jam and even give animal autographs!


“Bug Mary and the Cockroach Mafia” by and with: Johanna Bittenbinder, Heinz Josef Braun, Stefan Murr

The first Bavarian insect thriller is told with a prominent cast: The well-known actors Stefan Murr and Heinz-Josef Braun, supported by Johanna Bittenbinder, slip into all roles, sing funny songs and bring an alpine meadow and its smallest inhabitants to life. Fun for the whole family!


Stephan Zinner

Where’d all the bees go? Where are the good slide dancers hiding? Was everything better before?

Absolutely not – that’s the answer. But then he misses a few things, the Chiemgauer Zinner… and with this program he sets out in search of the rare, the precious, the loved. As a cabaret artist, Zinner always has a clever slogan in store, as a musician he hits every note and as an actor he inspires the masses as a butcher Simmerl in the Eberhof film adaptations.



Whether regional and down-to-earth, vegan and “multicultural”: from the Leberkäsesemmel to the vegetable roll – on all three days every visitor finds culinary delights to his own taste, from sweet to savoury. Foodtrucks, market stalls and varied catering for many visitors in both places.


The community Fischbachau and Herbaria give with many exhibits in and around the Wolfseehalle a lovingly designed look-out and insight of past times.


“Shuttle Highlight” on Saturday

The historic steam locomotive from the local railway club runs!

And that between Munich main station, Schliersee and Bayrischzell, of course also with culinary delights and historically skilled staff.


15.9., festive service, brass music, traditional costume youth and

horse and cart, terrain Wolfseehalle, 10 am

At the festival service on the grounds of the Wolfseehalle all participants thank each other for an expectedly wonderful festival weekend and there is a short silence before the traditional costume youth, brass band music and the neighing of the horses draw an atmospheric conclusion to this special weekend in September.