Calypso tropical curry

Organic Gourmet Curry

Spice mix for exotic fruity dishes with poultry or vegetables. Goes well with coconut milk. (level of spiciness: 3-4 of 10)

Available as
05004504 Stackable aroma protection tin, 85g each (medium tin).
05004518 Stackable aroma protection tin, 25g each (small tin).

Turmeric, mango purée, curry leaves, passion fruit flakes (passion fruit juice, corn starch), banana flakes (banana purée, rice flour), pineapple flakes (pineapple juice concentrate, corn starch), roasted onion, ginger, lemon thyme, garlic, fennel, chilli, cinnamon, galangal, paprika. From controlled organic cultivation.

Recommended preparation
Cook "Calypso tropical curry" along with the dish or briefly sweat with the other ingredients; do not fry.

Ecological control body

    Calypso Tropical Curry  
    Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100g  
    Energie 1350 kJ
    321 kcal
    davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
    2,6 g
    0,6 g
    davon Zucker
    55,4 g
    26,1 g
    Eiweiß 7,8 g
    Salz 0,12 g

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