The oasis calls

For couscous and salad
Organic Groumet Orient

Mixture for oriental dishes made from bulgur (ground wheat) such as tabouleh and couscous as well as legumes and salads.

Available as
05004164 Stackable aroma protection tin, 110g each (medium tin).
05004425 Stackable aroma protection tin, 40g each (small tin).

Rock salt, gomasio* (sesame*, salt), whole cane sugar*, dates*, pine nuts*, currants*, black pepper*, orange granulate* (orange juice concentrate*, rice flour*), parsley*, nana mint*, hibiscus blossoms*, garlic*.
*From controlled organic cultivation.

Recommended preparation
To make a salad dressing, mix 1-2 tsp. of "The oasis calls" with 1 tbsp. of boiling water, 1 tbsp. of lemon juice or white vinegar and 2 tbsp. of olive oil (2 persons).

Ecological control body

Ruf der Oase  
Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100g  
Energie 1063 kJ
254 kcal
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
9,8 g
1,4 g
davon Zucker
30,5 g
21,7 g
Eiweiß 7,2 g
Salz 39,9 g

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