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This pepper set comprises black jungle pepper from the South Indian nature reserve Lake Periyar, white mountain pepper from the mountains in the heart of Sri Lanka, green mountain pepper from the Indian Malabar coast and whole fruits of cubeb pepper from the island of Sumatra.

Available as
05004472 Pack of four stackable aroma protection jars (small jars).

Green mountain pepper: Green peppercorns of several traditional, aromatic varieties such as Karimunda and Manjamundi from the Indian Malabar coast. From controlled organic cultivation.
White mountain pepper: White peppercorns from the mountains in the heart of Sri Lanka. Cultivated by smallholder families in mixed cultures comprising many different species, processed directly at their origin and fairly traded. From controlled organic cultivation.
Tellicherry jungle pepper: Tellicherry peppercorns from the traditional, aromatic varieties Karimunda and Devamunda from the Indian Malabar Coast. From controlled organic cultivation.
Cubeb pepper: Whole fruits of cubeb pepper from the islands of Indonesia. Hand-picked by peasant farmers' cooperatives and processed traditionally. From controlled organic cultivation.

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