Scent of the Macchia

Corsican Herbs
Organic Gourmet Mediterranean

Seasoning salt for Mediterranean meat, fish and vegetable dishes. An excellent all-round spice, also suitable for summery cream cheese spreads.

Available as
05004151 Stackable aroma protection tin, 80g each (medium tin).

Rock salt, black pepper*, orange granulate* (orange juice concentrate*, rice flour*), sage*, lemon granulate* (lemon juice concentrate*, corn starch*), lemon myrtle*, cubeb pepper*, oregano*, lavender blossoms*, olive leaves*, thyme blossoms* and leaves*, juniper*, mace*. *From controlled organic cultivation.

Recommended preparation
For longer cooking times, sprinkle on the dish only 15 minutes before the end. For short roasts, season at the beginning.

Ecological control body


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