King Kalypto Tea

Tea blends for big and small

Organic herbal & fruit tea blend with eucalyptus and sweet blackberry leaves - fresh and sweet.

Available as
05006103 Package of 15 filter bags

Apple 33%, lemon grass, lemon verbena, eucalyptus 10%, sweet blackberry leaves 10%, quince 7%, lime blossoms, fennel, elder blossoms. From kbA.

Recommended preparation
Pour water (100 °C) into 1 tea bag per cup. Brewing time: 5-10 minutes.

Special features
Like all koala bears, this fluffy little guy is sometimes a bit sluggish and drinks a cup of his favourite tea to get lively. It tastes delicious fresh and sweet like apples, quince and eucalyptus.

Fresh, sweet, eucalyptus-like.

Eco-control body

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