Barbecue book

"Grillen für Bio-Feinschmecker" (barbecues for organic gourmets): Herbaria's cookbook with many tips and recipes from top chef Konrad Geiger.

Barbecues are fun, there's no doubt about it! And they are even more fun when your grill is packed with tasty treats.

As Herbaria's organic gourmet spices are the highlight of any culinary outdoor activity, we have come up with something special: an entire book about outdoor cooking. Top chef Konrad Geiger has tried out lots of creative barbecue recipes for this delicious piece of literature - also for vegetarians. And since he is a true barbecue expert, the creator of Herbaria's spice mixtures also reveals all his tips for a perfect barbecue experience in this book.

75 pages filled to the brim with everything barbecue beginners and professionals want to know: detailed information on selecting the right grill, the art of igniting fire, the right barbecue accessories, the properties of all the different grillables and, of course, everything worth knowing about seasoning and marinating.

This info part is garnished with personal tips by barbecue expert Geiger. The initial recipe section is all about side dishes, from herb salad to flat bread, followed by delicious fish and meat recipes such as the crazy Capriccio Cola Chicken or the Bavarian Kebap, but also classic dishes such as the perfect steak or hot-smoked salmon trout. In the third recipe section, vegetarians also get their money's worth. Baked ricotta potatoes or grilled vegetables with black bean dip are just a few examples here.

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