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  • Black magic curry

    Spice mixture for briefly fried beef or game. For rustic roast dishes (level of spiciness: 6 of 10).

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  • Calypso tropical curry

    Spice mix for exotic fruity dishes with poultry or vegetables. Goes well with coconut milk. (level of spiciness: 3-4 of 10)

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  • Gift set curry specialities

    Organic Herbaria curries are not only hot and yellow but also red, black, fruity or earthy.

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  • Good old mild curry

    Spice mixture for curry chicken, strips or curry sausage. Our refined version of the classic. (level of spiciness: 3 of 10)

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  • Mild wild green curry

    Spice mix for Asian fish and poultry dishes. Goes perfectly with coconut milk. (level of spiciness: 4 of 10)

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  • Red hot chilli curry

    Spice mixture for extra hot cuisine. Bring to the boil in coconut milk or combine with yoghurt. (level of spiciness: 8 of 10)

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  • Stromboli fire curry

    Spice mixture for Mediterranean stew, vegetable and legume dishes (e.g. "Pasta e fagioli"), mushrooms, smoked meat. (level of spiciness: 5 of 10)

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