Individual packaging for the filter bag teas

Aufgrund des Produkt- und Aromaschutzes sind diese bei unseren Tees leider notwendig. Vor allem bei unseren Arzneitees ist speziell der Erhalt der ätherischen Öle wichtig, um die Wirksamkeit der wertvollen Kräuter zu gewährleisten.

Due to the need to protect the product and flavour, this is unfortunately necessary with our teas. In the case of our medicinal teas, it’s particularly important to preserve the essential oils, in order to ensure the efficaciousness of the valuable herbs. The packaging material consists of kraft paper, which is steamed with microparticles of aluminium, and an OPP film. This protects the tea from contact with the aluminium. This packaging material offers the greatest possible protection from migration involving, for example, mineral oil or other influences from the surrounding environment.