First-class organic quality is what counts for us. This is why we not only follow the legal guidelines of the EU Organic Regulation in all areas of our company, but also the stricter standards of the cultivation association Bioland as well as the recommendations of the Federal Association of Natural Food Products (BNN).


GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice

In order to manufacture and trade medicinal products, a manufacturing permit in accordance with §13 AMG (Arzneimittelgesetz – German Medicines Act) is required. This is issued by the state government. In addition to official approval, the manufacture of medicinal products requires a comprehensive, integrated quality assurance system. These must be carried out in accordance with the regulations of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) on the basis of the EU GMP guidelines. Regular inspections by the district government (Directive 2001/83/EC) verify compliance with the statutory regulations on medicinal products. Herbaria has been an approved and controlled pharmaceutical manufacturer for over 20 years.

EMAS is the world’s most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. Organizations of all kinds are awarded the EU label if they meet the strict requirements of the EMAS regulation. Supplement: EMAS was developed by the European Union and is a joint environmental management and audit scheme for organisations wishing to improve their environmental performance.

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EU organic label
Bio is a matter close to our hearts! At least once a year we are therefore checked by the independent inspection body Lacon for compliance with all requirements of the EU Organic Regulation 834/2007.

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Since 2012 we are proud to be Biolandpartner. Since then we have been able to market eight mono spices such as coriander and three spice blends of this quality. The association Bioland is characterized by strict guidelines which go beyond the EU Organic Regulation. Compliance with the guidelines is checked once a year.

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Organic from Bavaria
In addition to the EU Organic Seal and Bioland, we were able to award the Bavarian Organic Seal to two products in 2018. The prerequisite for this is that the raw materials used come from Bavaria, just as all production steps take place in Bavaria.

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