Busy bee

Of all our pollinators, the honeybee plays the most important ecological role: almost 80 % of all agricultural crops and wild plants are pollinated by the honeybee. The remaining 20 % are taken care of by bumblebees, flies, wild bees, butterflies and other insects.

Their valuable pollinating work ensures the diversity of foods that we all know and enjoy. The honeybee is also predominantly responsible for good harvests and ecological bio-diversity.

However, honeybees have been an endangered species for years now. In 2015, the first two bee colonies were given a new home on our Herbaria company premises. A bee house was built with a great deal of love and care, and a special flower meadow was laid out for the bees. This year too, we’ve been abundantly blessed with honey from our busy bees. Meanwhile, we now have 6 beehives!