Herbaria was founded in 1919 as a tea and medicine company by Karl Halter in Philippsburg (Baden Württemberg) and took over in the 1980s by our owner Otto Greither. So we came to Bavaria in the mid-1980s.

At the beautiful Schliersee, spices were finally added to the existing health range in the product range.

Organic quality – for Herbaria always the be-all and end-all.

The “Herbarians” are proud organic pioneers and love their organically grown teas, herbs, spices and coffee – of course from home, not just sent on a trip in Germany.

2006 – a year of further sustainable development in the company: “Only organic” was no longer enough. Organic quality has to be fun, passionate, yes! Organic can be exquisite. Not without enjoyment – another passion of the Herbaria team. In 2006, the designer Sophie Seitz started a comprehensive brand relaunch for Herbaria with her studio sos-design. It started with the development of the new premium spice series “Bio-Feinschmecker”. With concise designs developed individually for each product and with the involvement of well-known top chefs as product developers, she designs a stringent product and brand concept that for the first time brings credible and charming gourmet pleasure and organic quality together. By the end of 2018, sos-design has shaped the development of Herbaria into an established premium provider in the organic and food trade with the internationally and nationally awarded designs.

For managing director Erwin Winkler and his small but fine team, the topic of spices and cooking has to be appealing, diverse and easy to implement for everyone – and women. But quality and enjoyment are not the only priority for Herbaria when it comes to spices: our organic herbal teas, coffees and natural drugstore only use selected and strictly controlled organic raw materials.

Herbaria shows that the organic market is an individual and pleasure market, not an assembly line market.

True to the motto “Bio is small, bio is beautiful”, the Herbaria team develops every day on the excellent and continuous premium quality of the natural products that promise pure enjoyment. For this purpose, Herbaria uses only selected organic raw materials, which are controlled far beyond the legally required standards. With great attention to detail, the products are produced sustainably in southern Germany.

Philosophy is lived, team spirit and human coexistence are inseparable from our mission and so the integration of people with limitations is very important to us. The long and friendly cooperation with the Chiemgau life support workshops in Traunstein – just one example. Among other things, our mini bread mills are mixed there and filled and labelled by hand. Two employees from the Oberland workshops in Miesbach also support us in the warehouse.

For the Herbaria team, living in harmony with nature & humans and making this possible for future generations is the basic idea of sustainability. These include values such as global environmental protection, fair coexistence and regionality.

The warm team spirit also shines in the Fischbachau branch: nothing works without the people who deal with our products every day. Our team is unique!

Since the product relaunch, the number of employees has increased from 10 to 30 currently. With a lot of motivation and an eye for lifestyle & innovation, our dedicated team works to continuously improve the outstanding quality of our products.

We are inspired by our motivation to offer you and you – our Herbaria friends – honest specialties that are in harmony with people and nature and make pure culinary enjoyment tangible.