To our customers,

What does organic mean to us? It's a well-defined and comprehensive guarantee of quality. As experts in ecologically produced teas, herbs, spices and organic specialities, our aim is to provide you with healthy, natural, safe and appetising foodstuffs for good eating.

Fitness and flavour

Our natural products are intended to contribute to a satisfying diet compatible with your health and fitness. Gourmets, long neglected by the organic sector, are of special concern to us: high culinary standards stand at the top of our agenda!


All of our products carry the European Union organic seal. This makes proven, transparent and verifiable quality the hallmark of our ecological products. This means, for example, the exclusion of irradiated or genetically modified raw materials as a matter of principle, as well as the complete renunciation of chemical preservatives. As co-founder and committed member of the Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e. V. (BNN) [Association of Specialised Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers], our company's own strict quality criteria are in fact far stricter than the legal standards.

Active protection of the environment

With the production of foodstuffs and the purchase of ecological produce, we and our customers are accepting long-term responsibility for the Earth’s natural environment and climate. We support sustainable forms of cultivation and processing which maintain natural cycles, conserve land, water and energy resources and which promote biodiversity.

Proximity between producers and consumers

The organic market is not an anonymous mass market. The aim of transparency in the production chain is a set feature of organic philosophy. This generates greater trust in, and proximity to, the producers of our everyday foodstuffs.

Fair Trade

Organic farming demands above-average committment and a profound knowledge of natural control mechanisms on the part of many small-scale producers. By purchasing ecologically produced raw materials, we are making a global commitment to the retention of jobs in the agricultural sector and to responsible trade relationships through fair prices.

Your Herbaria Team
wishes you all-round health and enjoyment with our products