Organic Gourmet

Good news for gourmets! Herbaria’s Organic Gourmet flavourings provide a top-quality connoisseur range for demanding palates – and all 100 per cent organic.

A must for sophisticated cuisine: the exclusive basic range “Organic Gourmet Basics” including choice individual flavourings from selected regions and irresistible spice combinations by top chef Konrad Geiger. The German-American culinary virtuoso is one of the pioneers in combining organic ideals with the art of cooking elegant dishes as a tangible experience. His sophisticated Organic Gourmet creations with dates, mangos, hops, green tea or hickory salt conjure up new and fascinating taste experiences on a plate. Destinations to savour: Organic Gourmet Bavaria, Germany, Mediterranean, Asia, Orient and America.

The Quest for the Best

Our Organic Gourmet flavouring specialities and delicacies are sourced from small, organic producers all over the world and subjected to careful organoleptic testing and selection. In addition to one hundred per cent organic quality, culinary top marks in terms of taste, aroma and appearance also play an important role in their inclusion in our top-quality gourmet range. The complexity of the spice combinations presents a particular challenge for the procurement of raw materials. Flavourings for which there is little demand, such as myrtle leaves or kubeben pepper, are often difficult to source and then only in small quantities – so the Organic Gourmet flavourings really are something special.

Top chef Konrad Geiger

Konrad Geiger: German-American cooking virtuoso and creator of the exclusive Organic Gourmet Seasonings.
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